Knox County

Nestled at the foot of the Great Smoky Mountains, Knox County boasts some of the most beautiful scenery you’ll find in America. This key-shaped East Tennessee county is 526 square miles of land lying in a valley formed by the Smokies to the south and the Cumberland Mountains to the northwest. Within our borders, we have more than 5,700 acres of park space and nearly 90 miles of greenway and walking trails.

Knox County is within a days drive of over half of America’s populations with interstates 40 and 75 converging here. The mighty Tennessee River runs along the southern part of Knoxville, which was home to the 1982 World’s Fair. Barges and riverboats transport goods up the river. On Fridays in the autumn, the Volunteer Navy sails it whenever the UT Vols have a home football game.


There are nearly 425,000 citizens in the county. More than 50% of them are active in the work force. We are proud to have one of the state’s lowest unemployment rates. Within our borders, we are home to the University of Tennessee, the Tennessee Valley Authority and Scripps Television Networks. In our

backyard, we have the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.


In Knox County, we have strong public institutions. Our library and health systems are tops in the state. Our County Librarian was recognized as librarian of the year by the New York Times. Our health department is held out as a model for similar programs across the state. Our high school students achieve scores on their ACT tests that are higher than both the state and national averages. We have 55,000 students in our public school system, and another 35,000 in local colleges and at UT. Recently, we instituted a privately funded program called KnoxAchieves to ensure that our county high school graduates can go to local community colleges tuition free.


As economies go, Knox County’s is healthier than most. In recent years, through the Knoxville Chamber Partnership’s JobsNow! Program and its successor Innovation Valley, we have created over 30,000 new regional jobs. Media outlets like Inc. and Forbes have cited us in their “best places to live, have a career, or retire” lists.


Knox County has senior citizens centers in every major sector of our County with very active schedules. We have both a state Veterans’ Home and the East Tennessee Veterans Memorial in Knox County…both dedicated to honoring those who served our country so very well.

The nuts and bolts of this community are faith and family. The difference makers are quiet, everyday heroes who sacrifice to give their children a better life and stand beside one another in good times and bad. These are the type of folks that live in the Great American Community that is Knox County, Tennessee.


Leadership Knoxville
Knoxville Area Chamber Partnership